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This business is a family owned and operated. Custom embroidered on hats, shirts, bags and more. With Everything customs, it is a breeze to design and order at CustomWork in our online Virtual Lab. Use our library of images, plus our lettering and font styles, to create any design imaginable. Your order’s delivered in 14 days, or your next design is on us.

Pricing Options

We offer to digitize in all formats at a very nominal rate of $3 per 1000 stitches plus $33 dollar service fee. We have carefully and systematically crafted the designed digitizing process.  New Customers can try our service at half the rate by sending your sample to emb@digitizing.shop

We help service Embroiders all over the world. With our digital submission system, you know that your work will be started as soon as possible and delivered on time. They know that our designs are rigorously tested to produce beautiful results every time, saving them hours of trials and adjustments.

We specialize in digitizing t-shirts, hats, and jackets, etc. We employ some of the best digitizers in the digitizing industry. We also have an in-house embroidery facility which enables us to test the designs for best quality and efficient production before they are delivered to our esteemed customers.

Please write to us at jamel@isharehow.com for any inquiries, orders or quotes.

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