Community Giving

Our Unity Media Project helps minority populations and their youth.

We are serving our mission to get the right media to the right place at the right time. Our philanthropic alliance and unity media project supported by the Today’s Tribune New sources will help better reach our audiences.

Through our relationships with Non-Profits and Philanthropic Giving, we can make a difference in our communities. With an educational focus, our giving supports four key areas:

1) Youth education and Arts educational programs for youth
2)Educational programs for general needs, and Development of the creative mind
3) Journalism programs for youth or internships for entry-level journalists
4) Family awareness for kids with special needs and learning disabilities

MomVetWifeWidow.Org is iShareHow Institute’s strategic partner. The Foundation allows us to become active in our communities from a grassroots level and help raise the funds needed to promote educational programs offered in low-income communities and schools.

Throughout our media networks, the common goals of the networks are to spread unity media and trying to raise funds to support causes that we partner with. We are media sponsors for the nonprofits we partner with and hope we can help everyone see the change that these organizations are making.

Unity Media Project

Part of iShareHow Institute’s mission is aimed at activism and welfare of society in social enterprises as its main activities by the act of giving time and other tech resources to aid individuals, causes, organizations, learning centers and clinics. Our efforts are mainly carried out by social workers and volunteers for the common good of human rights. Our efforts will focus more energy and innovation in the right areas to achieve modern social and educational goals. Our institution shows how a business can provide assistance to the work of nonprofits.

The failure on our part to hold out states accountable means we must use our resources to educate and raise concerns over the unjust social and economic and political systems of America. We will use media to publish our opinions through free media and prove that social welfare and justice is the responsibility of the government through its policies. In our education programs we will rebuild intellectual tradition among our younger members in subjects such as democracy, good governance, poverty eradication and human rights.



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