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Just wanted to take time to do the elevator explanation of my company, legal name is iShareHow Institute LLC.

The focus of this company is to help and teach people how to use media to further your business or projects using the power of media combined with advanced technology.

[Continue for more info]: As a part of helping a wide range of projects expand we have MULTIPLE channels (YouTube) at this point my company has 7 channels. As I try to help all projects get started my channels range from beauty to teaching (How-To) to video games. Also, I have strategic partnerships with other companies. My partnerships are designed to help that particular company with their media and technology needs by leveraging my channels and IT systems. But at the end of the day they still helping build my core YouTube channels. This means that you will see my name attached to a lot of the projects I am assisting.

For further information: Founder, Jamel A Brown, 202/713-5703, jamel@isharehow.com


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