iShareHow Institute LLC not like other branding systems, we take your digital content or brand and teach you how to bring it to market using our Systems, designed by marketers, for marketers. When you buy our services, it attaches you with systems and viewers a lot of people will pay thousands of dollars to have.

We use systems and team masterminds to built a profitable and sustainable marketing system for your brand.

iam Jamel Brown Owner Operator of iShare Branding Online | Created to provide you the tools and resources, you need reach maximum syndication.

“A year from now you may wish you started today.”

iShareHow Media Lab is a leading, multi-platform company that publishes the channels to our Media Brands.

iShareHow’s Media Creator Labs helps companies interpret, create and broadcast compelling digital content for a global audience— channel entertainment, commercials, corporate, viral, YouTube, in motion design, motion graphics, music videos, testimonials, social media, promo shorts, webinars, live events, and rich-media advertising and feature length productions.

Our core channel promotes our network channels while teaching the technology behind creating a video network. We provide the tools and the know-how in order to easily share and distribute video content.

The our Productions facility is located the DC metro area. It produces promotional materials for the Epnosis Studios’ Creators, as well as lectures, training films and other materials related to Epnosis. All of our lectures and training content is internationally dissemination and distribution ready.

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Owned & Operated Brands

Our Multi-Channel Network, Epnosis Studios is grounds for productions, distributions and revenue generation for multiple video affiliate channels.

The Studio is our media Lab for producing an array of digital and interactive niche products serving minority communities, including Epnosis Beauty TV, iShareHow Institute TV, ForTheLoveOf.Style Magazine,, Epnosis Gaming, and many more Reaching 179,000 adults each month.

Festivals & Entertainment Productions

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Jamel A Brown Productions has been providing event services such as Entertainment Services, Sound & Lighting Production, Marketing & Promotions,  Media Consulting, and sponsorship activation. Our team coordinates production and distribution of all festival media, help organize the thousands of details that go into an entertainment festival,  and finally, we facilitate the sourcing of partners for fabrication of stage and set design, event decor, and other production design elements. We have extensive knowledge  maximizing onboard revenue opportunities as it pertains to guest entertainer products and leading the charge in driving global entertainment vendor awareness and interest in our brand, and expanding our reach with agents and performers worldwide.


iShareHow’s Epnosis Studios produces, maintains and generates revenues for multiple Video channels.

  • Partners
  • Jamel Brown Productions
  • Dreams Alive Production

Jamel A Brown Productions is owned by iShareHow Institute LLC and with our co-owned with our film and entertainment studio Epnosis Studios. Funding for Jamel A Brown productions comes from our parent company and partners.

iShareHow Institute LLC is has long term relationship with Dreams Alive Production for video productions and video animations. Content developed by Dreams Alive has distribution rights to Epnosis Studios Networks.

Our partnered production companies are run by our producers or directors. Each production deal that we generate includes a distribution deal with our media studios to have the film is taken over for release to our array of audiences. It handles budgeting, scheduling, scripting, the supply with talent and resources, the organization of staff, the production itself, post-production, distribution, and marketing.

Branding and Marketing

  1. Are you stuck in the mud trying to figure out how to grow your brand to the next level?
  2. Are you looking for a solution to help you sell your business generating loads of traffic to your brand?
  3. Are you unsure where to begin?
  • My coaching combined with my inner circle system will have you soaring to new heights.
  • I will use my system to Guarantee your brand growth online.
  • It is my mission to help you take your passion and monetize it.
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Our Mission is Simple

Take Your Passion & Monetize It…

The company “iShare” sole mission is to take your brand and help you bring it to market correctly. We achieve our mission through, educating people, training teams, building products, and increasing viewers for small-business owners, entrepreneurs, brands, and opportunity seekers.
 For iShare to spare you the headache of learning how to leverage the internet and technology to get more customers without dealing with the technological systems, marketing mumbo-jumbo and overhead difficulties that frustrate many entrepreneurs and brand managers, is a key that can save your business many thousands of dollars.


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